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Green Scene

We only have one planet...let's treat it right!

Being green isn't a fad for us. Being green is in our culture. Making custom metal parts for businesses and individuals all across the country can require a great deal of demand and stress on our ecosystem. That is why we choose to implement various waste reducing and recycling initiatives here at The Yarder Mfg. Co.

From paper and magazine recycling in the front office to reusing all our metal scrap on the production floor, we take great care into the carbon footprint we leave behind on a daily basis. And more often than not, we find our green efforts in efficient energy use and material recycling bring a cost savings that is priceless to our bottom line.

Our Employees

Choosing to be conscientious of Mother Nature as one of your core values would be pointless if your employees did not believe in the value themselves. That is why we support numerous recycling opportunities throughout our facility. Our employees are encouraged and eager to perform their duties with an attitude of sustainability. From ink and batteries, to paper and electronics, and most importantly our sheet metals, we all work together to minimize out impact on our planet.   

Our Processes

Not only do we encourage our employees as individuals to think positively about the environment, but we as a company make every effort to implement earth-safe manufacturing processes. One effective example is our use of a "nesting" program known as RADAN. This software was costly on the front-end, but these better percentage yields not only add to a lower annual material means a lower annual material usage. When we can take many different customer jobs and group them efficiently on one sheet, we can save money for our customers and lower our impact on the environment.



Waste and scrap is inevitable in any manufacturing process so care must be taken when it comes to proper storage and removal. That is why we use world class organizations like Saftey-Kleen in the proper elimination and recycling of our byproducts.


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