New Yorker Frames

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New Yorker Frames
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  Extruded Aluminum New Yorker Frames - With Square Mitered Corners

Sizes Available Through 30" x 54", Larger
In Special Situations
Available In Top, Right, or Left Side Loading
Model Number:
  • 112-TL (Top Loader)
  • 114-RSL (Right Side Loader)
  • 114-LSL (Left Side Loader)
Available in Open or Solid Back
3/16" Channel Space
Top Loader:
  • Viewable Area Is Decreased By 1-1/2" From Height and 1-3/8" From Length of Ad-Card Sizes
  • For outside Dimensions of Frames Add 3/4" ToHeight and 7/8" To Length of Ad-Card Sizes



Side Loaders:

  • Viewable Area is Decreased By 1-3/8" From Height and 1-1/2" From Length of Ad-Card Sizes
  • For Outside Dimensions of Frames Add 7/8" to Height and 3/4" To Length of Ad-Card Sizes

Anodized, Polyurethane Enamel, or Powder Coat Finishes