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If you need welding we've got you covered. The cornerstone of our welding capabilities rest on the shoulders of experienced welders..some with over 30 years experience! Several of our welders have also undergone an extensive certification course for metal parts with stringent requirements. We also utilize several spot welding units, capable of quick hinge or weldnut installation for your fabricated parts. And, our ARC robotic welding station is an essential resource for rapid turn-around.


  • Taylor Winfield 3 phase 100 KVA Rocker-Arm Spot Welder
  • Taylor Winfield Single Phase 75 KVA Rocker-Arm Spot-Welder
  • Taylor Winfield Single Phase 35 KVA Rocker-Arm Spot-Welder
  • Betterman Model CD 318 Capacitator Discharge Stud Welder
  • Betterman Model BS318 Capacitator Discharge Stud Welder
  • Miller Shopmaster 300 Amp Tig/Mig (2 Machines of this type)
  • Miller Syncrowave 250 Amp Tig (3 Machines of this type)
  • Miller Syncrowave 351, 350 Amp, Tig/Mig
  • Miller Model CP-302, 300 Amp, Mig
  • Millermatic 251, Mig
  • Hobart Model RC256, Mig
  • Hobart Combo, Tig/Mig/Plasma
  • Airco Heliwelder 200 Amp Tig
  • Airco Heliwelder 300 Amp Tig
  • ARC Robotic Welder Model DR4200L, 6-axis, 350 Amp

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