Since we are involved in a significant number of projects at any given time, we stock a wide variety of common sheet metal thicknesses in our 50,000 square foot facility. From .024 stainless steel shim stock to 1/2″ Stainless Steel to 1″ Thick Hot Rolled Steel, our customers require a vast array of metals to be in our arsenal. If we don’t have it, our robust local supplier base can satisfy nearly any sheet aluminum, stainless, or steel alloy request with next day material delivery. This massive inventory and responsive supply chain allows us to shorten our lead times to our customers.

Everyday we have to effectively manage this innumerable mix of metal types, sizes, and thicknesses. And if our state of the art lasers have the capability to handle different thickness on the fly we better be able to keep them loaded. Our investment in our BIG STEEL RACKS system allows us to do just that.