The Major Industries That Can Benefit From Laser Cutting Services  


At their core, laser cutting services are exactly what they sound like: a process during which a powerful, carbon dioxide-based laser is used to perform “hot” cutting. When the laser makes contact with the materials, it causes them to melt or burn along a straight line – thus giving you the precision cuts that you need for your project.

This is all contrary to traditional cutting methods, which commonly use dies, punches and other types of equipment to achieve a similar effect.

All told, laser cutting solutions bring with them a host of unique benefits to just about every industry you can think of – including power sports, the healthcare industry and more.

Breaking Down the Versatile Nature of Laser Cutting Services

One of the most common industries to employ laser cutting services involves those businesses in the power sports sector. This involves all-terrain vehicles, power boats, personal water crafts and more. It’s also an environment where the stakes are definitely high, as parts that don’t perform the way they need to or that aren’t cut incredibly accurately increase the chances of a time-consuming (not to mention expensive) recall.

Laser cutting is regularly used by power sports manufacturers to cut parts into shapes and sizes that are more specific – and complicated – than ever before. However, it also allows them to do so in faster and more efficient ways than alternate techniques – allowing them to move parts through the various stage of development as quickly as possible. Laser cutting is also the least wasteful type of cutting as the tool itself offers unparalleled accuracy, which can help contribute to the “green manufacturing” initiatives of many companies, too.

The healthcare industry is another that makes use of laser cutting on a regular basis. Today’s life-saving medical devices are getting smaller and more complicated all the time – to the point where the types of cuts that need to be made during the development process can only be made with a laser.

Because laser cutters are so efficient, it’s also a viable way for healthcare and medical device organizations to reduce costs as much as possible – all without sacrificing the quality that people depend on.

Finally, the aerospace industry is one in which laser cutting is a way of life. Airplane manufacturers and similar businesses are commonly working with strong, durable materials like aluminum alloys. They also require some of the most precise finishes possible in an effort to achieve tolerances needed to avoid part failure and to keep people safe while they’re on a plane. Not only does laser cutting help accomplish all of this and more, but it again does so in a way that reduces waste – particularly essential during a period when the industry as a whole is looking for ways to reduce costs.

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