Yarder working with location students

Yarder Works with Local Students


Over the past two years we have had the amazing opportunity to work with several local schools in order to share our industry knowledge and engage with our future workforce. The wonderful students of Marshall STEM Academy and McKinley STEM Academy right here in Toledo have brought a vibrancy and pride to our workforce that we often forget in our daily routines. The energy these kids restore into our employees is invigorating. Watching one of our welders share their talent with a young boy or girl who has never seen an arc fired up is infectious. The smiles that appear when the helmets lift out of the way are wholeheartedly warming. Workforce development is a big issue facing our industry and we find simply sharing our story, technology, and needs with these kids shines a new light on a possible future career they may have never considered. Manufacturing is not a dark and dirty and dangerous option anymore. Today, the manufacturing community is riddled with unique career opportunities, vast technologies, and mechanically savvy leaders. Engaging with these students bears immediate rewards with our staff, but plants seeds for a future workforce we will depend on for the next 4 generations at Yarder Mfg.