Yarder working with location students

Yarder Works with Local Students


Over the past two years we have had the amazing opportunity to work with several local schools in order to share our industry knowledge and engage with our future workforce. The wonderful students of Marshall STEM Academy and McKinley STEM Academy right here in Toledo have brought a vibrancy and pride to our workforce that we often forget in our daily routines. The energy these kids restore into our employees is invigorating. Watching one of our welders share their talent with a young boy or girl who has never seen an arc fired up is infectious. The smiles that appear when the helmets lift out of the way are wholeheartedly warming. Workforce development is a big issue facing our industry and we find simply sharing our story, technology, and needs with these kids shines a new light on a possible future career they may have never considered. Manufacturing is not a dark and dirty and dangerous option anymore. Today, the manufacturing community is riddled with unique career opportunities, vast technologies, and mechanically savvy leaders. Engaging with these students bears immediate rewards with our staff, but plants seeds for a future workforce we will depend on for the next 4 generations at Yarder Mfg.

Under the Stay at Home order set for by Governor Mike DeWine, effective today March 23rd at 11:59pm until 11:59 April 6th, we will be modifying our current production processes in order support our customers and maintain the health and safety of our staff. Until further notice, we will remain open, but we are not mandating our employees report to work. They will be able to do so on a volunteer basis. During this period we are adopting the following changes:


  • All parts identified as essential to health and safety of our community and country will take priority for production and delivery scheduling
  • All visitors/pickups/deliveries must call 419.476.3933 prior to entering facility and may be denied entrance at our discretion
  • All Delivery tickets and packing slips must be sent and received via electronic method
  • All deliveries by a Yarder Mfg employee will be conducted without our employee entering your facility.


Due to the serious nature of this order, the temporary shut down of several key suppliers, and the smaller volunteer workforce, please expect extended delivery dates and lead times. Your products are very important to us as is the health and safety of all our employees. We assure you we will continue our production in a manner that maintains the quality you expect.

We are all working through an unprecedented time. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us immediately. We will continue to be forthcoming if there are any further changes that can affect your orders.

We sincerely appreciate you understanding and willingness to continue to support our company.

Be Well,

Jeff Conlan – President

Matt Yarder – Vice President

Amy Conlan – Chief Finanacial Officer